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Gears 5 Developer The Coalition Is Working On 3 Projects Including a New IP Based On Star Wars

Gears 5 developer The Coalition is working on three different projects including a brand new IP according to a new rumor that suggests it could be Star Wars.

This is according to Jeff Grub, editor at Venture Beat, who has a proven track record with sources inside the industry. His latest reveal is related to The Coalition, the developer behind the Gears of War series. While it won’t be a surprise that they are working on the next installment in the series, they apparently have a lot more to handle.

In his podcast, Jeff Grub mentions The Coalition working on Halo Infinite, the next Gears, and a new IP. While he has heard that it could be based on Star Wars, he wasn’t able to verify these rumors.

“Gears studio The Coalition is busy, they are working on Halo… they are helping with Halo Infinite. That is one of the big projects that Coalition is contributing to in a major way, Coalition is also of course making the next Gears game… But the Coalition is also working on a third thing and it likely is a new IP, ” says Jeff Grub in the podcast.

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“Now, I’ve heard rumors that it could be a Star Wars thing from out of the Coalition. But I haven’t been able to confirm that and these are rumors that have been kicked around a few different places… Whether that comes out before the next Gears I don’t know.”

We have previously reported about a possible Mandalorian game from a Microsoft first-party studio. The Coalition fits the bill here and they have a lot of experience with third-person shooters so if they are indeed working on a game based on the popular bounty hunter, they can be the ideal candidate for this job. As of now, this is a rumor so take this with a grain of salt as usual.

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