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Genshin Impact Starglow Cavern Puzzle and How To Solve It

In Genshin Impact, after the new update, it is possible to reach Dragonspine’s summit but there is a Starglow Cavern puzzle that has to be solved first. The way to the summit is blocked by the air current and to remove that we will have to destroy a shard.

How To Solve Genshin Impact Starglow Cavern Puzzle

There are two branching paths in the Starglow Cavern. If you go on the upwards path you will find several chests, a challenge, and a fight with the Ruin Grader. There’s also a secret door on the inclined path. But the third and final shard is in the bottom of this area so that’s why you will have to follow the downward path.

There are three Seelie pedestals and a challenge marker that you will find after you reach the bottom of this area. You will see the first Seelie because it’s clearly visible. But You will find the other two behind the frozen Shard. You will have to knock down some rocks to find them and as for the challenge marker, there will be several frost hilichurls spawned by it and you will have to fight with them.

The barrier will be removed after you complete the challenge, and then you will be able to damage the shard.

Now about the Scarlet nodes, you will find two of them near the shard itself and you will find the remaining Scarlet nodes next to the hidden Seelie that we mentioned above. To destroy the shard you will have to get the warming buff.

After destroying all three shards you can make your way to Dragonspine’s summit.

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