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Judgment Tiger Jacket and Where To Find It

“ Where ‘d My Jacket Go?” is a side quest in Judgement. To complete this quest, you will have to find the missing Jacket. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the Tiger Jacket in Judgment.

Where to Find Tiger Jacket In Judgment

You can accept this quest from your office’s bulletin board. After that, meet up with the client as Wild Jackson (Tenkaichi St). You will find him sitting on the establishment’s second floor.

After that go to Children’s Park on W.Shichifuku St. and inquire with the guys sitting on the bench about the bag’s whereabouts. Next approach the two homeless men who are talking in front of a fire. If you befriended Goro Moroboshi, Homeless Kondo (the guy you saved during the friend event) will show up and persuade the two homeless guys to give you the details for free otherwise you will have to buy them two tonkatsu Bentos in exchange for details.

You will have to track down the young thieves once you have gotten the details. You will need to enlist the help of your mates to get this case moving forward. Yosuke is the right person to ask. Once you have befriended him, he will hang out in the smoking area across from M Side Cafe. After that, he will guide you to the Batting Center.

Look for the punks there. Inquire about the bag with them. After they deny it, speak with them again and note the color of the bag. After that, you will go into Active Search Mode. To finish the investigation, look at the watch the punk with bleached hair is wearing. Before wrapping up the investigation, go outside the batting cage to find the cat sitting beside a traffic cone on the street.

You will have to manipulate them again after the investigation to get them to admit to stealing the items. The punks will fight you if you choose any of the options. To quickly beat them up, use one of the nearby benches. They will tell you where they put the bag with the jacket in it after confessing and handing over the stolen things.

Go to the champion District and look for garbage bags in the area’s southwest corner. You will find the bag, but the jacket is nowhere to be found. Travel to the northeast corner of the district to locate the homeless man after speaking with a local barker. If you approach him, he would hesitate to hand over the jacket he discovered. Before the homeless man gives up the jacket, you will have to find something warm for him to wear.

Next, go to Dob Quijote and spend Y5000 on Warm Clothes for the homeless man. Offer warm clothing to the homeless man in exchange for your client’s jacket. The case will be completed after the jacket is returned.