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Resident Evil Village Azure Eye and How to Combine It

In Resident Evil Village, treasure items are distributed into three separate tiers of rarity. Players can collect Valuable, Very Valuable, and Combinable treasure items throughout the game. One of these Combinable Treasure Items is the Azure Eye, and in this guide, we will tell you where to find it and how do you combine it in Resident Evil Village.

The Azure Eye is valuable itself, but it becomes even more valuable when it is combined with the Silver Ring. You can sell it to Duke for 12,000 Lei after you combine them.

Resident Evil Village Azure Eye and How To Combine It

Where To Get Silver Ring In Resident Evil Village

The silver ring can be found in the Hall of Pleasure, which is the same place where the Porcelain Mask can be found. You will find the Silver ring inside one of the room’s drawers. In order to find the Silver Ring, approach the drawer and open it.

Where To Get Azure Eye In Resident Evil Village

The Azure Eye is hidden in the basement within the Special Chambers, and you will need to do a bit more work to get it. Near the Chamber of Solace, you will find this room and you have most likely run past it at this point in the game. You will need the Iron Insignia Key, which you will get naturally by playing the story to unlock the Special Chambers.

Note the broken wall in the left corner of the room inside the Special Chambers. In order to reveal a burning brazier, you will have to throw a Pipe Bomb at the broken wall. Then you will have to light the two unlit braziers by knocking both one by one into the burning brazier. Instead of wasting ammo shooting the brazier, it’s better to use Ethan’s body to bump the brazier into the fire. Fire a few rounds at the unlit brazier, if the body trick doesn’t work. Once you have finished the puzzle, open the coffin to get the Azure Eye.

How To Combine Azure Eye and Silver Ring

In order to combine both, you will have to scroll down to your Treasure items in your inventory and then click on the Azure Eye (or Silver Ring) and choose combine. You will get a new menu that allows you to combine both items. To confirm, press OK and both items will be combined. You will get the Repairer Trophy if you have never combined two items before. After both items are combined go to the Duke and sell the item to him, he will pay you 12,000 Lei for the item.

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