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Genshin Impact Rhinedottir Identity Explained

You may already hear the name Rhinedottir once or twice if you are playing Genshin Impact recently and following Albedo’s story quests around the Dragonspine region. This character hasn’t made an appearance in the game yet. In this guide we will everything we know about Rhinedottir in Genshin Impact.

Right now Rhinedottir is a very mysterious character, but in the near future, this character will become influential and could have huge ramifications for all of Tevyat. Below you will find out who is Rhinedottir and how they will factor into the plot of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Rhinedottir Identity Explained

Right now, we don’t have any information about Rhinedottir, but Rhinedottir is the master of Albedo. Albedo is one of the smartest people in all of Tevyat, so if Rhinedottir is his master it means that he is a genius that may even know some of the secrets of the world.

It is said by Albedo that the great dragon Durin’s fire has an impact on his life force, which makes him think that the dragon is created by Rhinedottir, and it implies that Albedo is also created by Rhinedottir. Albedo is a created humanoid, a homunculus. Albedo is literally called Homuncular Nature. So after looking at all the facts it looks like Albedo is a homunculus and Rhinedottir created him for some mysterious reason, and Rhinedottir could also create a mystical dragon with his power.

When Will We Meet Rhinedottir?

Are we going to see Rhinedottir any time soon in Genshin Impact? The answer is yes, we will eventually meet him in the next big update of Genshin Impact.

Rhinedittor and Albedo both will be masters of the Art of Khemia, which can cause massive destruction to the world of Tevyat and Dainsleif will be watching Abedo like a hawk. From this, it looks like Rhinedottir will appear in the Khaenri’ah region, which will be added to the world of Genshin Impact in the next big update. Dainsleif will also be introduced in the update the story will be more clear.

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