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Worms Rumble Update 1.05 Details

Worms Rumble has been updated to version 1.05 by Team17. This patch implements various bug fixes as seen in the patch notes.

This update introduces team deathmatch and starts a double XP weekend for the game. Get the complete details on this brand new update for Worms Rumble below.

Worms Rumble Update 1.05 Patch Notes


Take up the call of team based total Wormfare with the new Team Deathmatch mode! Be assigned to red or blue team in a battle to rack up the most kills and find yourself in 12v12 arena based controlled chaos. This game mode was highly requested in the community and we were eager to get it in. We’ve also changed the maps to be smaller based on community feedback from an open beta on the mode, expect to see storms at the edges of maps from the 32 player mode!

It’s time to hop into the action and fight for your teams victory!


To celebrate the launch of the new mode and update, we are starting the first double XP weekend starting today at 3PM GMT through to Monday 3PM GMT. Hop in game for double the xp gain and get rewarded with cosmetics to make your Worm look the best they can be. There’s never been a better time to rumble!


Again, we have been listening closely to everyone’s feedback and some of the issues you have faced. We have made a few fixes and improvements that should help make many of your game experiences better!

  • Crash fixes: we have fixed several of the most common crash issues effecting players. The way we get the best data is when people send the crash reports from the prompt after their game has closed which has helped us track down and solve these biggest issues so far. If you come across any new issues please be sure to click send info if you get this prompt and you can also contact our support team here: Support
  • Network Improvements: we have made some improvement to network issues players were having including several issues of delay/jitter. We will continue to monitor and improve this as it will be continually improved upon.

A note on the trophies for some PS5 players not activating correctly, we are now working with Sony to fix this on the next gen systems, we’re sorry for the inconvenience so far but will be trying several fixes in the near future and will keep everyone updated.

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