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No Man’s Sky Update 3.42 Patch Details

Hello Games has updated No Man’s Sky to version 3.42 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. Get the patch notes for this update below.

The new Expedition update that has added the collaboration with Mass Effect with the inclusion of Normandy ship was released just yesterday and a quick hotfix has been deployed afterward. According to Hello Games, after the Expedition Two – Beachhead Update, those who have reported any problems they have encountered via Zendesk or console crash reporting are addressed with this patch. The developers have been paying careful attention to your input and have found and addressed a few problems. These improvements are part of patch 3.42. You can find out the patch notes below.

No Man’s Sky Update 3.42 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Galaxy Map to fail to draw a path to long-distance mission destinations.
  • Implemented a recovery fix for players affected by a previous issue that removed the correct options from Nada and Polo. Specialist Polo will now always offer directions to an Atlas Station or Black Hole.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Collective Consciousness milestone from being marked complete after purchasing the Myth Beacon.

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