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Mass Effect Asteroid X57 Mission: Bring Down The Sky Choice Explained

Bring Down the Sky was one of the Mass Effect DLC packs, although it is included in the Legendary Edition of the game as part of the basic game. Shepard becomes more acquainted with the Batarians on Asteroid X57 in this content. The location for this assignment will be marked on the Galaxy map like the other story missions.

On Asteroid X57, you will need to turn off three fusion lamps to avoid colliding with Terra, a nearby human planet. However, after this assignment, you will be confronted with a moral choice that will recur in subsequent games in the series.

Mass Effect Asteroid X57 – Bring Down The Sky

Go to the Exodus Cluster, Asgard System, and then select Asteroid X57 on your Galaxy Map. As you land, a cutscene will play in which someone asks for your assistance in disarming the fusion torches.

When you get on the planet, turn around and go to the building on your mini-map (not your overall map) to examine the body you find (this is for the missing Engineers assignment).

As you approach the closest Fusion Torch, you will see that several turrets will begin firing at you. When you get close enough to the turrets, they become exposed and vulnerable to assault, so take them out carefully before entering the base.

You will find some Batarian mercenaries and their varren inside. Take out all of them, and then proceed upstairs to disable the first fusion torch and get the riches from the room in the back of the building. This will start a new conversation with Kate, the person who originally contacted you when you arrived.

You will run into Simon, the Chief Engineer, as you exit the base. He will explain the terrible situation in greater detail, warn you that the second Fusion Torch is surrounded by live blasting caps, and ask you to locate the missing engineers for the X57: Missing Engineers mission.

Stop at the Transmission Tower on your route to the next fusion Torch and interact with it to learn the location of three survey stations you must visit to locate the missing engineers. On your route to the next Fusion Torch, you will receive another contact from Kate. Get out of your Mako and approach on foot, taking out the turrets while keeping clear of the blasting caps. These blasting caps will go off even if you are walking, so cautious when passing them. When you go too close to the base, a sensor will display on the screen, so simply ignore it and get to the base. If you detonate one of the explosives, you will die instantly.

There will be some enemies to deal with; keep and out for the Batarian Rocket Soldiers in particular, and then you can disable the blasting caps at the panel near the entryway. After you completed this, go inside.

This time there are more Batarians to eliminate, as well as a few drones. Get rid of them all, take any stuff you can, and then head upstairs to turn off the Fusion Torch. Kate will contact you again, and you will learn about the Batarian capturing her. After that, a short cutscene will play.

Take out the turrets on your way to the last Fusion Torch before going inside. Kill the Batarians and Varren, collect your riches, and then make your way upstairs to turn off the torch. You will come across a bunch of Batarians on your way back down; don’t fire at them right away; you can talk your way out of this if you want to.

You can either charm or intimidate charn into leaving, or you can go to war with him and his men. You will be battling more than the Batarians you see since Charn will enlist more help for the record. It will be a difficult fight, but the experience points will be worth it. You will get a pass to the main base no matter what you do.

Before entering the building proceed to the main facility in the north and knock out the several turrets there, some of which are on trains. If the grenade box and aid station weren’t enough to warn you, you are about to face Balak’s men and drones in a fierce battle.

When you are ready, go upstairs and kill all the enemies; after that, a cutscene with Balak will begin, in which he threatens to kill the captives if you don’t let him escape. You will be given two options:

  • Choice #1: Let Balak Leave and Save The Hostages:

What Happens: Balak departs, but you must still disable three explosives in this building (a timer will appear on the screen) and deal with a handful of bothersome drones. All of the explosives are marked on your map, however, there is one above the hostage room to the west, one in the lower central area, and one in an alcove on the upper east side of the structure.

What Will Happen In The Sequel: There is a broadcast about Terra and how Balak is still on the run in Mass Effect 2, but kate will email to thank you again. In Mass Effect 3, you will come face to face with an enraged Balak, who you can either kill or persuade to join you in the fight and enhance your Alliance Third Fleet War Asset.

  • Choice # 2: Attack Balak and Sacrifice The Hostages:

What Happens: You will have to fight Balak and his troops, and you will get 25 Renegade Points right away. You have the option of murdering Balak or letting the Alliance arrest him once you have defeated him.

What Will Happen In The Sequel: There is a report in the elevator in Mass Effect 2 about a prayer session for the missing captives.

Simon will emerge after the battle and thank you for saving Terra, but he will be disappointed to learn that either Balak escaped or the hostages were slain. Simon will offer you a reward (some decent armor), or you may get his Omni-tool by using charm or intimidation. You can go over and rescue the captives so they can meet Kate in person if they are still alive. If you completed the Missing Engineers assignment you can turn it in also.

After you complete the Bring Down the Sky the Colonial Savior achievement/trophy will be unlocked.

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