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Mass Effect Cerberus Files: What Choice Is Best For Shadow Broker

In Mass Effect 1, players must pick whether or not to sell Shadow Broker information during a mission named UNC: Hades’ Dogs. In Mass Effect 1, Commander Shepard learns about the Shadow Broker from Wrex. When Shepard is first introduced to Krogan in the Citadel, the Shadow Broker hires Wrex to assassinate Fist.

The Shadow Broker, on the other hand, is the head of a huge corporation that sells information to the highest bidder and trades the secrets of other companies. Later, during the mission UNC: Hades’ Dogs, which follows UNC: Missing Marines, Shepard can negotiate a bargain with the Shadow Broker. Admiral Kohaku, who can be found near the Citadel Council’s stairs, can assign this mission.

Mass Effect Cerberus Files Choice Explained

Commander Shepard will discover Admiral Kohaku dead inside a Cerberus base during the Hades’ Dogs mission. Shepard must first raid the Cerberus base on Nepheron in order to talk with the Shadow Broker. Shepard should use a terminal in one of the rooms after emptying out the base, which will prompt a notice stating that Shepard has datamined some files from the computer. A message from the Shadow Broker will arrive the next time Shepard uses the Galaxy Map aboard the Normandy.

Kohaku had been hired by the Shadow Brokers to collect these files from the Cerberus, but he died in the process, according to their agent. The Shadow Broker Now offers to exchange the information for credits. They will get Renegade points as well if Shepard complies. If you refuse, Shepard will be awarded Paragon points instead. While it may appear like refusing is the “good” option because the Shadow Broker isn’t in the cleanest of businesses, everyone who has played Mass Effect 2 knows that Cerberus isn’t a morally nice corporation either.

The Shadow Broken will threaten the Shepard to remember him if he ever needs his help again if the Shepard refuses. Despite the fact that the Shadow Broker becomes more important in Mass Effect 2, this selection has no bearing on Mass Effect 2 or 3 in the same way that many other decisions do.

The only effect this mission has on Commander Shepard or Mass Effect is Paragon and Renegade levels. However, in the sequel, parts of Miranda Lawson’s and Tali’s conversation will be changed. Shepard’s participation in this mission will also be known to an Asari Spectre.

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