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Maquette Update 1.04 Patch Details

Maquette has been updated to version 1.04 today on PS4 and PS5. The patch notes for this update mention several bug fixes.

The game continues to get updates with post-launch support from the developers in order to resolve issues that have been reported by the players. The most recent patch fixes missing collision and falling through world bug, save and load issues, and improvements some of the visuals with graphic options to help with motion sickness. The details for this update can be seen below.

Maquette Update 1.04 Patch Notes

This patch includes fixes for:

  • Missing collision and falling through worlds
  • Save and load bugs
  • Translations in French and Spanish
  • Graphics options to help with motion sickness
  • Multiple trophies …and lots more!

Thanks for playing Maquette!

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