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Apex Legends Update 1.59 Details

Apex Legends was updated to version 1.59 today on February 22. The complete patch notes for this update can be seen here.

Respawn Entertainment has released an update for the game today. There are no official patch notes available as of yet but we do know a list of bugs that the developers were looking into fixing in an upcoming patch. The full list of bugs that could be patched in this update can be viewed below, while we are keeping an eye on the official channels and will update with changes if they are confirmed.

Apex Legends Update 1.59 Patch Notes

  • Report of rare issue of players losing access to cosmetics
  • Increased reports of slo-mo servers with Season 8
  • Players cannot log in
  • Event skins are appearing grey and untextured in 1P.
  • PC Only: Red dot disappears from scopes when adaptive super sampling is turned on.
  • Error appears in lobby when browsing event shop or challenges
  • Gibraltar’s ult seems to cause lack of gunfire sounds
  • Players are sometimes able to bring weapons into the Fight Night Town Takeover.
  • Players cannot hear each other in lobbies while connect via crossplay

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