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PS5 Has Already Outsold Vita, Wii U and Dreamcast In The UK

PS5 has already outsold Sony’s PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U, and Sega Dreamcast in the UK despite stock issues that it faced since its launch.

According to Christopher Dring, head of GamesIndustry Biz, the PS5 is still selling well, and it has sold enough to outperform the life-to-date sales of the PlayStation Vita. This is not a small number either because the PS Vita managed to sell more than 700K units, which might be a failure but it proves that the PS5 is already over this figure in the UK alone.

PS5 is still facing a stock shortage worldwide across various retailers. While Sony is trying to bring in more stock, it continues to get sold out whenever a fresh batch comes in, but this hasn’t stopped the sales momentum for the PS5.

The sales success of the PlayStation 5 is also reflected in software as demonstrated with the launch of Outriders. 52% of the sales of the game were on the PlayStation 5 in the UK.

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After the stock was updated for the current-generation consoles, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series managed to outsell the Nintendo Switch in March. Sony and Microsoft are both continuing to bring in a fresh batch of stock to meet the demand for their new consoles despite the pandemic affecting production.