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New Pokémon Snap File Size Listed, Australian Rating Mentions Online Interactivity

New Pokémon Snap will have some sort of online functionality according to the Australian rating for the game. The file size has also been revealed.

New Pokémon Snap is a brand new game from Nintendo and The Pokémon Company which is developed by Bandai Namco. The official page for the game has listed the file size and mentioned elements of online play but without details on what kind of online is supported for the game.

New Pokémon Snap file size has been revealed to be 6.8 GB. A blurb at the bottom of the page also mentions Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for Online play. The game description makes it sound more like a single-player adventure without any multiplayer interaction.

In addition to this, the game has been rated in Australia. While it has received a G rating, which is fairly common, there is mention of online interactivity in the rating. It is possible that some sort of co-op or online play will be included in the game, but we don’t have more information on it at this stage.

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New Pokémon Snap will be out on April 30, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch. It is available for pre-order at retail and digital for $59.99.

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