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PUBG Update 1.60 Patch 10.2 Details

PUBG has been updated to a new version 1.60 today on January 21. The patch notes mention new additions and various bug fixes.

This update kick starts the PUBG Global Invitational. It is a part of patch 10.2 that was released today. You can find out more details on it from the official website.

The PUBG Global Invitational.S sets teams from around the world against each other in a week-long tournament. Teams will battle for placements in weekly tournaments and rack up prize money as the overall tournament goes on. There’s a new Pick’em Challenge available as well, giving you a chance to earn sweet PGI.S gear for predicting the winners. This will be a tournament unlike any other, so tune in, pick’em, and win!

The general bug fixes that are a part of this update can be viewed below.

PUBG Update 1.60 Patch Notes 10.2



  • Fixed the issue where some pass missions could not be accomplished in Haven.
  • Fixed the issue where players could respawn with a ghillie suit equipped when killed while equipping a ghillie suit in TDM.
  • Fixed the foliage clipping through a vehicle while in FPP mode in certain maps.
  • Fixed the case where character’s body equipping a ghillie suit could be invisible to others.
  • Fixed the issue where players could change perspective to TPP when spectating other players in FPP game mode.
  • Fixed the awkward POV when viewing a kill cam of a character equipped with a ghillie suit.
  • Fixed the issue where the deaths in Blue Zones were recorded as suicides.
  • Fixed the issue where the two characters collide after going prone in a moving ferry, they receive fall damage.
  • Fixed the issue where the headshots were not reflected in the Career page.
  • Fixed the issue where the AI pillar guard positions are rendered in wrong locations.
  • Fixed the store issue where it only displays the loading screen after purchasing an item or requires a long loading time for the item popup to be displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the completed missions were displayed in the System Menu’s Mission List.
  • Fixed the issue where sending a cross-platform invite to another player in a custom match causes abnormal behaviour.
  • Fixed the issue where players are able to use the emergency parachutes while in a DBNO state when falling from non-fatal heights.
  • Fixed the issue where certain bots would constantly walk around.
  • Fixed the issue where “Enemy Spotted” ping would function while navigating through the inventory when it is bound to the RB/LB buttons using the custom key binding feature.
  • Fixed the issue where the message ‘Invalid Season’ is displayed when checking out the profile of an invited friend.
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot navigate either GNB, LNB after pressing the Options button two consecutive times.
  • Fixed the issue where the character’s wrist is bent too much when equipped with certain weapons in preview.
  • Fixed the issue where the localization was not complete in the Team finder guide popup
  • Fixed an issue where partially accomplished missions were not visible in the mission list.
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  • Fixed the unclear sound of UMP45 if another player is firing from a distance.
  • Fixed the duplicate click sound played when clicking on the preview button in the customize screen.


  • Fixed the issue where players could clip through a certain building in Abbey, Vikendi.
  • Fixed the issue where enlarging the minimap while flying in the helicopter, makes the minimap glitch.
  • Fixed the issue where the last Blue Zone was set as a non-playable area in Haven.
  • Fixed the issue where the vehicles collided with the land when driving over low hills.
  • Fixed the issue where it was hard or impossible to enter certain buildings in Georgopol of Erangel.
  • Fixed the issue where the buildings were not loading properly in the southern village of Georgopol, Erangel.


  • Fixed the issue where inappropriate RP changes were displayed in the match history section during placement matches.
  • Fixed the issue where starting plane’s seat UI were sometimes displayed as empty.
  • Fixed the issue where some pages of the store page not loaded when entering store page after restarting a lobby.
  • Fixed the issue where profiles of players located in ‘Unassigned’ ‘Observer’ section of custom match session cannot be loaded.
  • Fixed the issue where centre pointer not displayed in replays.
  • Fixed the issue where the earned/lost RP was displayed in the Match History in Ranked.
  • Fixed the issue where the currency and system UI are not displayed when returning after completing the TDM.
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Skin & Item

  • Fixed the issue where the visor of Mad’s Motorcycle – Helmet (Level 1) is not displayed when equipped by a male character.
  • Fixed the issue where the nose of Killer Clown Mask could clip through when equipping face-covering helmet items.
  • Fixed the issue of the clipping issue when Gas masks and Helmet skins are equipped at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where the hood of the Survivalist Parka costume blocks the view in FPP Mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the Battlestats were printed on the Mk47 Mutant Skin.

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