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Fortnite Awakening Challenge ‘Visit Doom’s statue as Doom’ Fix In Works

Epic Games has confirmed that they are aware of issues with Fortnite’s Awakening Challenge ‘Visit Doom’s statue as Doom’ and are working on a fix.

“We’re aware of an issue that is causing the Awakening Challenge ‘Visit Doom’s statue as Doom’ to not complete for players,” said Epic Games in a statement.

How To Complete Fortnite Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge

To complete this challenge, players had to equip Doctor Doom skin and visit the Doctor Doom statue. It can be located in the middle of Doom’s Domain. This is Pleasant Park with a makeover in case you have forgotten about it.

After doing this step, you have to visit a giant throne while using the same Doctor Doom skin. This can be found south of Retail Row. It is seen on the side of the nearby mountain. It is made up of stones and trees.

The last part of the challenge requires you to join a Team Rumble game (50 vs 50 mode) and emote during the victory royale screen. This will lead to unlocking Doctor Doom’s Victory von Doom emote.

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