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Watch Dogs Legion Best Masks and Where To Find Them

There are a lot of masks to be found in Watch Dogs Legion, some of the masks are dotted around the map and some of them are hidden like the London bridge mask. This guide is best for you if you want to find the best masks in the game. We have gathered around five best-looking masks for you, their location, and how to find them.

If you are specifically looking for the WatchDog Legion London bridge mask don’t worry we got it covered in this guide. You will get to know its location and how to get your hands on it at the bottom so keep scrolling down because it’s one of the best masks in the game.

Great Helm

So we start this list with a fabulous great helm mask, no bullet can pass through this mask and surely you will not get identified while wearing it. You will get this mask in the South-West corner of Southwark and then look for the mix. You will get access to this mask easily with some colorful shipping crates.

Leather Pilot Helmet

If you want to look like you have been shooting bombs out of the sky in spitfire, get this leather pilot helmet. You will find this mask in the Sandstone Residence, which is located north of Farringdon station in the south of Islington & Hackney Borough. It’s a huge building with a courtyard and this building is part of a story mission, some of its rooms are locked which will be opened after you complete the story mission so you should wait until you can grab this mask.

Lion Gargoyle

This mask looks like it weighs a ton, it will affect your operative’s spine or posture if you don’t care about them then grab this lion gargoyle mask. You will get this mask in the basement of Somerset House on top of a wooden crate, which is located in the north-east corner of the city of Westminster borough. Somerset building is next to Temple Tube Station.

Rotting Skull With Candles

This mask gives serious Bloodborne Vibes a skull with melting candles. You can get this mask at Perry Harris Redevelopment site in the city of Westminster Borough. It is a construction site on the north-east of Horseferry Road Tube. It will be lying on a wooden balcony near a stepladder.

Default Mask

The default mask is an incredible mask. If you played the previous Watch Dogs game you should have recognized it as Defalt’s mask. This mask is one of the difficult masks to get your hands on because it’s not marked on the map.

To get this mask you will have to wait till 2 am in-game. Go to Cannon street tube station in the city of London by doing fast travel, then go south to the River Thames. There is a walkway underneath the building to the south of the tube station, near a staroger coffee shop with wooden decking. There will be an orange ladder going upwards to the river. At 2 am in the clock, jump off the side, there will be a mossy door with a padlock on along with the ladder.

You will be able to open the door at 2 am, go inside the door, and there you will find the mask from the room of mannequins. Then you will be teleported to the London bridge. You will be able to recognize this room if you have completed the story.

You can also find this mask while going through the story, when you will be in the room you will see posters hanging in the room during your mission of hacking cameras in the story. scan the QR code you see on the poster with your phone in real life and a note will pop up saying that: “0/6 Find my private party @ 2 am”. Although they don’t give any clues about the location so you have to find it on your own.

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