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Watch Dogs Legion Best Recruits: Where To Find and How To Recruit Them

In Watch Dogs: Legions there are so many members available which you can recruit to be your team member. We have listed some of the best recruits for you below.

Here is the list of some of the general recommendations in the start and then some of our favorite operatives.

Get Uniformed Access Operatives

There are uniform operatives from construction workers to Albion contractors, they have specific jobs and they can get uniform access when they wear uniforms. If you recruit these members in your team you will be able to go to certain areas with a low risk of getting detected.

Skilled Recruits (green markers on your map)

If you don’t want to do experiments and guesswork, you should recruit skilled members. Bagley will add these skilled members marked in your map and you will have to be quick because the markers will disappear from your map.( for ex. You will have 25 minutes to talk to the recruit before they disappear from the map).

Free Boroughs for More Skilled Recruits

If you will free Boroughs a skilled recruit will be added to your team so it will be another reason for you to rise against Albion.

Pick Based on Perks

Every operative comes with its perks and abilities. Below we will tell you some of our favorites but you should always check someone skills and then pick the person that fits best to your playstyle and needs.


If you recruit a paramedic on your team it will help your other team members to heal fast when injured.


If you recruit a Barrister on your team it will decrease the amount of time spent by your operatives in jail.


The anarchists take less melee damage and they are immune to gas.


BeeKeeper is a blast to get your hands on. Beekeeper sends a swarm of robotic bees to destroy your enemies. You will find the Beekeeper around parks or grounds in their mechanical hives so go to those areas to recruit one.

Getaway Driver

If you are being chased by Albion the getaway driver will be a good recruit for you since its abilities help you while you are being chased by drones. They have the ability to hack nearby cars and they come with a speedy getaway car.

Football Hooligan

Football hooligans are equipped with rally cry ability, they summons friends to bring down the pain. They can get drunk on the command which helps them to take less damage.

Protest Leader

This Recruit has abilities to get up to any 4 citizens to become Dedsec allies, and they have tear gas at the ready.


This recruit has special powerful weapons, they have a sleek car (with an AR cloak and weapons)  and they can hack enemies directly.

Drone Expert

This recruit helps you to hack any drone and attack in just any way,  if you like to control drones this recruit will be best for you.


With this recruit, you are able to attack people and remove them even when other enemies can see you it is a skillful trick.

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