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Resident Evil Village Angel Masks and How To Get Them

Resident Evil Village is out, and players are enjoying this survival horror game. Players will have to do several things, such as defeating various types of enemies, solving puzzles, locating items, and much more to progress through the game’s story. In Castle Dimitrescu, players will have to grab four masks to escape the Castle Dimitrescu, and finding all four of them is difficult enough without being pursued by the undead and an incredibly tall vampire lady. Castle Dimitrescu is a beautiful place, with opulent artwork, blood-soaked basements, and bright gold decor, but you will want to get out of there as soon as possible.

You will need four angle masks, which can be found in different orders. After finding all four angel masks you will have to place each on one of four faceless statues concealed in the castle’s wide entrance hall in order to escape. You will have to do a lot of backtracking and mental mapping to find them all. Don’t worry we are here to help you so that you can find all of the four angel masks without wasting time. In this guide, we will tell where you can find all of them in Castle Dimitrescu of Resident Evil Village.

How To Get All Angel Masks In Resident Evil Village

There are some things you must know when you are hunting for the masks.

  1. Look at the back of the mask after you find it to see how many pegs it has. Through the number of pegs, you will able to know that at which angle statue you need to fasten it.
  1. In the Hall of the Four (where you see the faceless statues) is a Merchant’s Room don’t miss it because there is a save point, labyrinth puzzle inside, and the Duke will appear there later so you can buy and sell stuff.
  1. To make sure that you have found everything check the map often. You can’t possibly collect everything right away, rooms where you will still found the loot will be highlighted with red color. You will often miss secret Crystal Fragments that you can sell for Lei, so keep an eye out for their twinkling lights.
  1. When returning to the areas that have been cleared of enemies, don’t switch off the game. They will reappear in places you may want to go back to.

Mask Of Sorrow

  • Get the Maroon Eye:

Lady D and her daughters will capture you while exploring the Hall of the Four (1F). To get away look above you at your hands. As you escape through a tunnel, pick up the Maroon Eye Ring, and to get the Maroon eye you will have to examine it. After that go up the stairs and turn right in the Main Hall and there you will find a locked door of the Dressing Room area (2F). Place the Maroon Eye on the door to get into the Dressing Room.

  • Get the Courtyard Key:

You will be chased by a daughter down the hallway and out the door on your left at the end of the corridor. Follow the rope on the floor to a hole in the wall, which you need to interact with to get past the daughter. Make your way through this area and into the cold room to fight the daughter. In the Kitchen, look for the Sanguis Virginis wine. Place the wine on the pedestal on your right in the Wine Room (2F) at the top of the Main Hall stairs. To get the courtyard key, enter the room that appears and open the chest.

  • Location:

Go to the Dining Room from the Main Hall (1F) to enter the courtyard. Open the door on your right, opposite you with your Courtyard Key. Continue straight ahead and enter the silver door on your right in the corner of the Courtyard.

Enter the Hall of Ablution and solve the statue puzzle: the rich and poor woman must face each other, the three men must face the man on a horse, and the horse must face the poor woman’s side. Take the elevator to the balcony after passing through the wine-soaked basement. Before crossing the bridge, Save in the room to your left.

When you enter Dimitrescu’s chambers, take Dimitrescu’s Key from the candelabra on the wall to your left. You will find the Mask of Sorrow when you return to your served hand to avoid Lady D in the basement encounter.

Mask of Joy

  • Location:

Use the Iron Insignia Key to get access to the Library after solving the piano puzzle (accessed by the Opera Hall, through the Courtyard). In order to get the mask from the statues, you will have to defeat the daughter and then walk through the Hall of Joy. Then go to the Atelier to complete the bell puzzle of Resident Evil Village.

Mask of Rage

  • Location:

Go to the Attic after completing the bell puzzle and step out onto the balcony. You will have to fight with some winged enemies and smash pots here. Continue past the elevator and down the short walkway to face more enemies. In order to get to the Belfry, you will have to walk up the slanted roof, break another pot, then turn and go up the stairs. Take the zipline to the Tower of Rage and grab the mask after breaking more pots.

Mask of Pleasure

  • Location:

Use the Dimitrescu’s Key to unlock the door near the Dressing Room to enter the Hall of Pleasure. You can find a crystal fragment here, where a chandelier should be so don’t miss it. When the Mask is not in its place bars descend on the door from which you entered.

Go through the crack in the fireplace and fight another daughter. Move the left-hand shelving and throw a pipe bomb (there are a few on the table on the other side of the room). Take the Mounted Animal Skull from above the fireplace after defeating the daughter. Remove the mask from its mount by examining it. To leave the room with the mask, place the Animal Skull where the mask was.

After you grab all the four angle masks, return to the Hall of the Four (1F) and place each on one of four faceless statues to escape Castle Dimitrescu.

That’s everything you need to know to find all the four angle masks to escape Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

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