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Resident Evil Village Bells and Where To Find Them

In Resident Evil Village, the castle of Lady Dimitrescu isn’t just the home of the tall lady, it’s also where some of the game’s most difficult puzzles can be found. Those players who were fans of classic Resident Evil puzzles will adore Lady Dimitrescu’s castle and its surprising collection of mysteries, that often require you to put down your gun and use your brain.

In Resident Evil, there are few puzzles that are as challenging as some of the franchise’s most difficult riddles. In Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, there is a puzzle in which you will have to find five bells and it’s already giving a hard time to players. So in this guide, we will help you to locate all the five bells you need in order to complete the puzzle of Lady Dimitrescu’s castle in Resident Evil Village.

You will come to a room with a big painting of Dimitrescu on the right wall and a smaller painting in the center depicting a warrior surrounded by five bells about halfway through the castle area. According to a nearby piece of text, you can only proceed after finding five bells in this room.

In order to trigger the hidden exit, you will not have to find the bells that are scattered around the room and slightly beyond, but you will also have to shoot them or hit them with a knife.  You must carry little extra ammunition into the area if you are low on ammo because you will have to shoot four of the bells.

Where To Find Resident Evil Village Bells

Here’s the location of all the five bells you need to solve this puzzle:

  • Bell # 1 – Location:

You can find the first bell in the center of the room on the left of the painting. You can save yourself a bullet as you can easily hit with a knife.

  • Bell # 2 – Location:

You can the second bell hanging on the top of the bookshelf, facing the painting in the center of the room. In order to reach it, you will have to back up a bit, but you can hit from the first floor.

  • Bell # 3 – Location:

There’s a wall with a hole in it behind the painting in the center of the room. You will see a bell swinging by the hole if you look closely. Now all you have to do is that time your shot and when the bell appears hit it.

  • Bell # 4 – Location:

Go upstairs and there you will find a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. At the top of the chandelier, you will see a bell which you can only shoot with your gun.

  • Bell # 5 – Location:

The final is the most difficult one to locate. You should be able to look out of the glass window panes above the Lady Dimitrescu painting if you go to the top of the stairwell. You should find a giant bell outside of the middle window if you look closely. To hit this bell you will need a couple of bullets one for the glass and one for the bell.

A door will open up behind the Lady Dimitrescu painting after you shoot the final bell. Proceed to the next major area of the castle by walking through the door.

That’s everything you need to know about the locations of bells to complete this puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

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