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Resident Evil Village Insignia Key and How To Get It

In Resident Evil Village, the Iron Insignia Key is one of the key items you will need to find in order to unlock various doors throughout the game. To get out of the Opera Hall you will need this key. It is required to open the dungeon door to which the treasure map leads. When you return to the village, you will need to get to the workshop. Iron Insignia Key is one of the most important keys in the game. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the Iron Insignia Key in Resident Evil Village.

How To Get Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia Key

In Resident Evil village, you will have to solve the piano puzzle to obtain the Iron Insignia Key. You will find the puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu’s Opera Hall. You will need the Dimitrescu Key to get to the section of the house with Opera Hall.

You will find the Dimitrescu key on the balcony of Castle Dimitrescu. The Lady then captures you and imprisons you in the dungeon. You will be in the courtyard after exiting the dungeon. Use the Dimitrescu Key to unlock the new section of the building to reach the Opera Hall.

The Opera Hall will have an impressive grand piano inside it. You will find some music notes in front of you when you examine the piano. Play the melody by using up and down keys. If you need help to solve this puzzle check out our piano puzzle guide.

You will get the Iron Insignia Key once you have played the melody correctly. You can then exit the Opera House by using this key and continue your journey.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Iron Insignia Key in Resident Evil Village.

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