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Outriders Emergency Stance Armor Mod and Where To Get It

In Outriders tankiness is a key component of the formula when it comes to endgame. You will need anything to withstand encounters, whether it’s by lifesteal or percentage durability. In the higher World tiers, the damage you take is massive. As a result, the Emergency Stance armor mod could be the way to go. Right now due to a bug you might be more interested in this armor mod than usual. In this guide, we will tell you how you can get an Emergency Stance armor mod in Outriders.

Where To Get Outriders Emergency Stance Armor Mod

In Outriders, you will have to break down Epic Rarity armors if you want to get the Emergency Stance armor mod. Epic rarity armors are Tier 2 armor mods that may or may not have Emergency Stance. You can transfer the armor mod to various parts of your armor after you remove it from the armor. This is particularly useful right now, due to a bud in the armor mod that makes it irreversible.

This armor mod is fairly standard, however, if you want to find it, you will have to farm Epic equipment. You will have to dismantle it to get it as it is attached to a piece of armor. You can then continue the construct by equipping it elsewhere. Emergency Stance will boost your physical resistance by 65 percent when your health drops by 30%. This ability’s duration should be ten seconds, which should be enough to keep you afloat while you heal and recover.

However, due to a bug on it right now, the Golem Defense never disappears. Until you head to the lobby, you will have a permanent 65 percent physical resistance buff. You can also remove the armor mod. This bug is tremendously useful and you must take ahold of it while you still can. It will almost certainly be patched out soon.

Although, getting used to it is a not good idea because without this buff you will take more than double damage.

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