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Outriders Devastator Build and Which Build Is The Best For Solo and Endgame

There are four classes in Outriders, and the Devastator has the greatest capacity for tenacious survival out of them. If you have the right Devastator build, you can get as near to invulnerability as Outriders will allow, and lucky for you, we have got two such builds below. In this guide, we will take you through an incredibly powerful solo Devastator build before moving on to an equally powerful co-op Devastator build.

Best Outriders Devastator Build For Solo

The best solo Devastator build focuses on the seismic branch of the Devastator skill tree to significantly increase your anomaly power while still using plenty of bleed damage to hold your health up.  Earthquake, Impale, and Golem is the skills required for this solo Seismic build. When you are dashing around in close quarters with a slew of enemies, the last of these will be extremely useful for keeping your tank enough to remain alive, and it also massively enhances the strength of your two other abilities, which is where all of your burst damage will come from, thanks to our path down the skill tree.

Skill Tree

Like many other builds, this solo Devastator build focuses almost entirely on Seismic Shifter, the Devastator skill tree’s bottom branch. Take a look at the diagram below to see which nodes you can pick up.

Equipment & Mods

The Seismic commander armor set is the only set of equipment that is essential for this Devastator build. With a variety of powerful mods, the armor pieces in this set will greatly increase your status power and the strength of your abilities and if you get at least 3 pieces from the set you will get an impressive 50% damage boost against enemies who are Bleeding.

Aside from that, you should have a powerful automatic weapon like Thunderbird, the Legendary Assault Rifle, because its lightning effect scales with your anomaly power and also increases your status effect (bleed) power. The fortress is another important mod in this build, as it greatly increases your damage based on your armor.

If you have all of this gear to support your build, you will have the ability to take out even elites if you use them in the right order (Golem first, because it increases the damage of your Earthquake and Impales). And you are nearly invulnerable even at the highest World Tiers and Challenge Tiers due to the massive heal you get from bleed means as long as you fire regularly at all nearby enemies.

Best Outriders Devastator Build For Endgame

If you prefer, you can use the above build for co-op endgame play, but there is a more powerful build for raids with your mates. Golem, Reflect Bullets, and Tremor is the skills you will need for this build. You may want to swap Tremor for Earthquake or something similar, but there’s a good reason to keep them: you will be a near-invulnerable jack-of-all-trades Devastator who can massively increase the team’s power when all of the pieces of this build come together.

Skill Tree

Finding a top-tier build that doesn’t hit the end of a skill tree is rare, but that’s exactly what this Devastator endgame build does. This build splits itself between the Vanquisher and Warden branches to strike a balance between damage and tankiness. In the diagram below, the nodes you will need for this build are highlighted.

Equipment & Mods

The Statue Armour set is required for this build. If you equip three of the five statue pieces, you and your allies gain double firepower and weapon leech if you use Tremor or Golem, which is pretty much all of the time. But it’s better to equip the entire Statue kil, as it grants some fantastic bonuses to both Tremor and Golem, including increased impact radius, extra armor, and health regeneration, among other things. It’s a fantastic set that serves as the foundation for this build.

Because of its extremely powerful AoE damage and crowd control, as well as its incredible life leech ability, Imploder is a fantastic Legendary Double Gun and a fantastic option for this Devastator build. The Anemoi, a Legendary Shotgun is another great shout, due to its tremendous damage, great armor-piercing, and the Moaning Wind effect for added crowd control whenever you have to reload.

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