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Outriders Eye of the Storm Expedition and How To Complete It

Eye of the Storm is arguably the most difficult of all the Outriders Expeditions. Players will need a high damage output or crowd control effects to complete this expedition that’s why this expedition is the ultimate test of a build’s endgame viability. This expedition is the worst for farming in the game. It is rare to achieve gold on your own, and achieving silver is a big ask for most builds. There are very few Expeditions that drive a build as hard as Eye of the Storm does, that’s why it’s a good mission to evaluate a build’s damage performance and overall survivability.

How To Complete Outriders Eye Of The Storm

Completion Time Requirements

For Gold, you need 6:00, for Silver, you need 10:00, and for Bronze, you need 15:00. Just keep in mind that you will need 40,000 Drop Pod Resources and you must be at Challenge Tier 15 to start this mission. You can’t achieve Gold in this mission as a solo, you must complete this mission with a group of people to get beyond Silver rank.

How To Deal With Enemies

The majority of the enemies in this mission are Beasts, and you will have to face a Feral boss and a new Feral enemy type: Reavers in the final encounter. The boss is ridiculously tanky, absorbing hundreds of rounds from even the most powerful Firepower builds. At least one member of your team should be a DPS build. To make the first encounter quicker, you must have a crowd control build.

Make Sure To Capture The Obseliks

Although Eye of the Storm is a short Expedition, it is not without difficulty. Yagak is still alive, and he is regaining his power by using the storm. You must grab three Obelisks surrounding him to weaken him. You can catch them in any order, and if you walk away or get swarmed near one, they won’t lose their capture progress. Every living enemy is killed when you capture an obelisk, allowing you a brief breather to reload or recharge your abilities. You will be surrounded by beasts throughout the arena, spawning waves of Alpha Perforos and Strix. The Perforos can stun lock you, putting an end to any build that lacks armor. Strix is a potentially more dangerous threat, as they can inflict Toxic from afar. You must first Kill the Strix before dealing with any other enemy type. Use the Obelisks as protection from any Strix projectiles if your build revolves around shotguns or other close-range attacks.

Crowd control build will be your best bet for survival if you are playing this solo. When the majority of a wave has been vanquished, a new wave will spawn in its place. The time between waves of enemies is relatively short, usually about five seconds. So to get yourself breathing room for capturing the obelisks, you must freeze or ash enemies in place. If you are a solo player, crowd control is needed for getting Silver unless you can one-shot CT15 enemies.

How To Deal With Enemy Waves

Perforos, Alpha Perforos, Maulers, and Strix will appear in nearly every wave. The most dangerous enemies in the group are the Strix and Alphas, so you must eliminate them first. A new wave spawn whenever the previous one is cleared or when you start to capture an obelisk

So if you leave one Strix alive, you can potentially prevent enemies from spawning. It will float away from you and you will get time to grab an obelisk in the meantime. If you kill the Strix or jump between obelisks a new wave will spawn.

When you stand by the obelisk nearest to you for a few seconds, it will spawn a Brood Mother. Break it by shooting at its heart, which will disable its ability to buff allies. To avoid being unlocked, keep it at a safe distance. As you progress clockwise, two crawlers alongside the standard fodder wave will be spawned by the next obelisk. This obelisk is the most difficult since these crawlers can induce Freeze from afar. You must kill them as soon as they spawn.

When you first begin capturing the third and final obelisk, a Behemoth will spawn. It doesn’t pose much of a threat as long as you don’t get hit by its charge or melee attack. To safely damage it stay behind it.

How To Defeat The Threat Yagak

Since the last time you faced Yagak, he hasn’t learned any new tricks. Instead of using melee, he uses the second encounter move set, summoning portals, and casting abilities. The first part of this battle is relatively easy. Kite Yagak across the arena to avoid being struck, then attack him as hard as you can. Whenever he summons a pair of Anomaly Rifts, kill them right away. They are far riskier than Yagak.

Two Reavers will spawn in the center of the arena for every third of Yagak’s health you remove. You must kill these Reavers as soon as possible! The importance of slaying these Reavers cannot be overstated. They use the same melee move set as Yagak when you first encountered him, weaving leaps and wide slashes that can two-shot most builds. Reavers should be dealt with immediately as they are very dangerous. To create some distance, use crowd control effects. However, don’t get too dependent on them, as they are Elites.

Waves of Ferals will spawn alongside two Reavers when Yagak hits the final third of his health. At this point, the best option is to kill Yagak immediately, unless you can deal a lot of damage. Every enemy will despawn after Yagak dies. If you can’t kill Yagak, focus your efforts on the Reavers before attacking and the other Ferals. To finish the most difficult Outriders Expedition, defeat Yagak.

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