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New Pokémon Snap Secrets and Easter Eggs

New Pokemon Snap is released for Nintendo Switch and developers have kept a lot of secrets and Easter eggs hidden inside the game in its new Lental region just like the original game. Some of these secrets are the same as the Original Pokemon Snap and some of them are unusual experiences and you will have to meet the game’s minimum requirement to get them.

You should try and encounter these moments yourself while playing the game if you don’t want any spoilers. If you don’t care about spoilers and want to find some cool secrets that you can get in New Pokemon Snap then keep looking below.

New Pokemon Snap Secrets and Easter Eggs

Here you will find some of the cool secrets that you can get in New Pokemon Snap:

  • A Familiar Face From Original Game

Since many fans already saw a glimpse of the character in a reveal trailer and they were anticipating a lot from it but this “Easter egg” seems to be the weakest in the game. However, Todd Snap will appear in the game.

While you progress through the story, Todd will appear automatically as part of the game’s story. He previously appeared in the original Pokemon Snap as well as appeared briefly in the Pokemon anime series, but now he’s grown up and spends some time with the player reminiscing about “the good old days.”

  • Hidden Story In Background

Many players discovered on Twitter that some of the background pictures seem to be out of place that was framed by one of the game’s characters, Rita. They don’t “appear to be photos of Lental” but they are listed as being taken by Rita on a loading screen. While there is no specific location given, however, the fans have done some detective work and discovered that the photos are from the newest Pokemon film, Secrets of the jungle.

There’s a chance that the game could have more references to the movie or other Pokemon assets that are not discovered yet because the game is still new.

  • Legendary Pokemon

There are Legendary Pokemon in almost every level and you will have to meet certain requirements if you want them to appear. If you want to get the rarest species to appear, you must be at least Research Level Two and perform certain actions in the proper order. For Example, You will have to take the picture of a sleeping Lugia, a Mew, and a Ho-Oh at the start of a course to make them appear.

However, Suicune and Jirachi are certain Pokemon, that appear only after you beat the game and replay their courses. When you are on the hunt for those Legendary shots, you must throw Illumina Orbs at anything that moves.

  • Post-Game Content

You will have several options on how you can go back and explore levels again if you have completed the game. The first thing that will be unlocked is the Burst Mode, and your camera will be able to take several shots in the time it would have taken a single shot with the help of this Burst Mode. You can also change the settings to set the number of pictures you want to take at once. You will have a better chance of getting the shots you want with the help of this mode while interacting with Pokemon in the Wild.

Course Scores will be unlocked also, and you will get an additional rating based on how much of an area you have explored during a run through this feature. This is a fun feature to use if you want to complete the game 100 percent or if you want to make sure that you have explored every nook and cranny.

You may also see some slight differences in some courses after you beat the game, so you must keep an out for something that seems strange or out of place.

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