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New Pokémon Snap Max Research Level and How To Raise Level Quickly

New Pokemon Snap has been released for Nintendo switch and players can now embark on a journey through the Lental Region to find various Pokemon and take snaps of them in their natural habitat. In New Pokemon Snap players need to reach certain Research levels to complete different requests. In this guide, we will tell you how you can quickly raise your Research level in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Reach Max Research Level In New Pokémon Snap

You can raise your Research level quickly by doing all the below-mentioned things:

  • The first thing you can do to raise your Research Level quickly is taking snaps of New Pokemon. By doing this you can earn more experience points. During the evaluation, all the new photos are displayed with a ‘New’ Stamp.
  • The second thing you can do is scan the area to find the unregistered Pokemon. When you run a scan on the area an exclamation point (!) will reveal a Pokemon that has not been registered on the Photodex. You can also see the said symbol by zooming in on the new Pokemon. Find new Pokemon with the help of this feature to raise your Research Level quickly.
  • The third thing you can do is earn more experience points by taking new and better photos of registered Pokemon. Take photos of Pokemon from a different angle by keeping an eye out for the Branch Routes during the expedition.
  • You can automatically choose your photos by pressing the Minus (-) button or hovering over the Auto button. These photos are selected from the folders based on high-scoring photos and new star-level photos. If you have taken a lot of photos and you want to have them evaluated quickly, use this feature.

What Happens After Raising Research Level?

There are several outcomes of raising the Research Level in New Pokemon Snap. We have mentioned below everything that you will get by raising your Research Level.

  • You will be able to unlock the nighttime version of the level, as well as new areas on the map by raising your Research Level. Be ready to take some photos, as you can find many new Pokemon in these areas.
  • More Pokemon will appear in different areas and branch routes by raising your Research Level. Keep an eye out for these new Pokemon and complete your Photodex by snapping pictures of them.
  • New Branch routes will open for you to explore by raising your Research Level. You will have to scan the area and hold the X-button on the Branch Route symbol to locate these routes. The NEO-ONE will proceed to the branch route’s course.
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