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New Pokémon Snap Three In a Row Request and How To Complete It

New Pokemon Snap has been released finally for fans, the original Pokemon game was released 20 years ago, and this new version of the Pokemon game has the same feel as the original one, but with a fresh coat of paint and some new faces. New Pokemon Snap has outsold the original by massive margins in some places of the world.

Players will be asked to complete various photo requests that require hunting down one or more unique Pokemon same as the original game. Some of these requests can be difficult to complete, as you will have to find Pokemon in the open or search them in secret locations at odd hours of the day.

In New Pokemon Snap the “Three in a Row” is a request that you will get by Rita after you find the secret route in Blushing Beach. You will have to line up three Exeggutors in a row and get a snap in order to complete this request. In this guide, we will tell you how you can complete the “Three in a Row” request in New Pokemon Snap.

How To Complete New Pokemon Snap “Three in a Row” Request

You can find the first Exeggutors sleeping among the palm trees on the required part of Blushin Beach. Activate Scan mode to find their exact location if you can’t spot them immediately. The location of the other two Exeggutors is completely random. However, you can keep restarting the mission until Exeggutor’s are facing the sleeping one as this portion is at the beginning of the level.

You will have to throw Fluff fruit in a path leading to the sleeping Exeggutor for the one furthest away to lure the other two Exeggutor towards the sleeping one. You can use the Fluff fruit to entice the other awake Exeggutor when you are in front of the sleeping one. When the two awake Exeggutors drop the fruit and head over to the sleeping Exeggutors for a nap you will know that you successfully gathered the three of them. Snap a picture of them after they all line up and then present the picture to the professor to complete the request.

You can also use apple to lure the Exeggutor if you don’t have Fluff fruit. You will get a four-star Platinum for completing this request.

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