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New Pokémon Snap Requests Not Working: Are LenTalk Requests Bugged?

In Pokemon Snap, players embark on their journey through exotic locations and take snaps of different Pokemon in their natural habitat.  However, several players are facing a bug while trying to complete the LenTalk request in Pokemon Snap. The characters at a research camp are giving you these requests, and to complete these requests you will have to capture rare Pokemon maps in unique locations. Players will have to interact with a Pokemon and use a fluff fruit, their scanner, or hit them with an Illumina orb to trigger these moments.

New Pokemon Snap Requests Not Working Bug

If you are attempting to capture a scene for a request the first thing you can do is to make sure that you turn it to Professor Mirror at the end of the tour. Open your Pokemon album and find the specific snap you took and present it to the professor, even if you prefer the one you already turned in. The photograph will not count, if you don’t turn your photograph in for the professor to judge, even if you took a better or higher-starred photograph.

The second thing you will have to do is to focus the camera on the Pokemon to fulfill the request. For example, we have had problems when we took photos of certain scenes and discovered that our photos didn’t meet the request because the image’s focus was not on the requested Pokemon. Return to the tour, and take the picture again while keeping the camera’s focus on the requested Pokemon. You must turn on your camera’s burst mode so that you can take three photos with each take.

After trying everything like using fluff fruit, the Illumina orb, and music, to dig Pinsir out of the ground, and to attract other Pokemon over to it, the request was not fulfilled. When we scanned the area several times after digging Pinsir out of the ground, a Heracross fall down from the tree due to scanning, and the request was completed. So if you are not being able to complete the request, you must try to use new techniques and experiment with the surrounding in order to complete the request.

Unfortunately, there is no feature that specifies the exact picture you need to send to Professor Mirror as proof of completion of a quest. In order to send him the right pictures, you will have to redo the tours. So all you need is practice, capture multiple pictures and have patience if you want to complete the request.

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