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Returnal Sunface Fragments Bug and How To Fix It

Returnal is a PS5 exclusive, and it is already a candidate for the game of the year. However, there are some bugs also in the game. One of these bugs includes the Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning and it is very annoying. Due to this bug, Selene couldn’t collect all of the six Sunface Fragments that are required in order to regain access to the House, and complete Returnal Act 3, and unlock the game’s hidden ending. In this guide, we will tell you how you can collect all of the six Sunface Fragments that are not spawning due to a bug in Returnal.

How To Fix Returnal Sunface Fragments Bug

Players will have to begin a new cycle to trigger new possible spawns in Returnal. Since these items are needed in order to gain access to the game’s secret ending so this fix can be extremely aggravating. This is most likely due to the game’s roguelike nature. There are six biomes in the game and there is one Sunface Fragment in each of them. There is no specific location where they spawn, but they are easily identifiable when discovered. According to some players, they couldn’t find the Sunface Fragments even after searching every inch of these biomes several times.

Although all of this is very aggravating, the good news is that when Selene dies she does not lose these Sunface Fragments, allowing players to restart and replay a biome from the beginning. The Sunface Fragments will most probably spawn after resetting. The full surface will be completed after players collect all the six Sunface Fragments, and then they can return to Overgrown Ruins or Echoing Ruins to enter the House again.

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