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Genshin Impact Skin System Rumored For Update 1.6

Genshin Impact has several features in it for the players, and now players would like to see a possible skin system in Genshin Impact. Right now all the characters that players collect look the same. So they want the skin system to be introduced in the game so they can change the appearance and outfit of their characters. According to some Leaks, Genshin Impact update 1.6 will include a skin system.

The skin system is going to arrive soon according to Genshin Impact leaker Seewlie, and after that point, Character costumes will be released gradually. Since the game is released, leaks like this are circulating that a skin system will be introduced, but it hasn’t been added to the game yet, and it seems like somebody is still promising that it will be out soon.

Genshin Impact Skin System Rumor

It’s still not confirmed that how the skin system will work. Right now only two possible skins have been found by the Data miners: one for Jean and one for Barbara. Nobody knows that how they would obtain skins in Genshin Impact. Either they would obtain skins through the gacha system, Primogems, or a special paid currency, but nothing is confirmed yet. Right now, everything is just a rumor wrapped in a mystery.

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