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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Spectre Gear Bug and How To Fix it

Bioware has provided fans of the series the definitive way to play all three games in the original Mass Effect trilogy with the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Although there have been several updates to gameplay features and elements, there are likely to be a few aspects that have been slipped through the cracks. Unfortunately, a bug in the remastered edition of Mass Effect 1 prevents players from obtaining the high-ranking Spectre gear.

The Citadel Council appoints Commander Shepard as the first-ever human Spectre at the start of the game. The Commander gets the complete authority through this honor to do whatever it takes to complete their missions. Shepard will also be able to undergo advanced Spectre training and unique gear in the Citadel due to the honor. However, there’s a bug in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition that prevents players from using the Spectre’s high-level gear, as some players have discovered.

In this guide, we will tell you how to fix the Spectre Gear bug in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Spectre Gear Bug Fix

There hasn’t been an officially released patch to fix this problem yet. However, Reddit user u/Xecil discovered a save exploit that can fix the issue without needing a patch. When Shepard is granted Spectre status, the C-Sec officer who normally has Spectre gear isn’t stocked with any when Shepard returns to him between missions due to this bug.

Players will need a saved file from right before they were recruited as a Spectre by the council to fix this bug. When Shepard is recruited, load the save and trigger the cutscene. After that, go to C-Sec and speak with the C-Sec Req. Officer. All the proper gear should be updated in the store.

Bug Workaround: Spectre Gear Not in Vendor Bug from masseffect

Players will have to start a new character in a new career and follow the storyline to get there if they don’t have a save file before the council meeting. Load the desired character after the store inventory has been fixed and restocked, and the store should be fixed.

Although having to replay the game’s first few parts may be inconvenient, according to a poster on the original post, players can get there in not more than 30 minutes if they don’t waste time doing stuff unrelated to the recruitment. Hopefully, in the upcoming days, a patch will be released, removing the need for players to replay parts or load saves if they are looking for high-level gear. If not, it appears that once the store inventory is loaded in one save file, it is fixed and loaded in all others as well.

That’s everything you need to know to fix the Spectre Bug in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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