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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mouse Acceleration and How To Fix It

In Mass Effect Legendary edition options, one of the things we don’t get to fiddle is the mouse acceleration, but luckily, for this issue, there is a small workaround.

Mouse Acceleration is a highly disruptive mechanic that should be toggled in any new game these days, as it ruins the players’ muscle memory for every other game where they are used to the same mouse sensitivity at all times. This is not an option in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, however, players have found a solution for the most part.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mouse Acceleration Fix

Unfortunately, it only works in Mass Effect 2 and 3, so if you zoom in on Saren while chasing him you will always have to deal with the negative mouse acceleration. To start with the ME2 and ME3 parts, navigate to the Legendary Edition installation folder. You will find the ME: Legendary Edition in your library if you purchased it through Steam, right-click it, select properties, and then Local Files on the side. You will be taken to the appropriate folder when you click Browse on the new card.

Then go through the following folders, from there:

  • Game
  • ME2 or ME3
  • BioGame
  • Config

You will find the GamerSettings file in the Config folder, which you can copy and transfer to a different folder. After that open the file in Notepad and add UseMouseDampening=FALSE underneath the [SystemSettings] line.

Keep in mind that this fix only works for ME2 and ME3, so you won’t be able to turn off the aiming modifier in the first game.

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