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Cities Skylines Update 10.04 Patch Details

Cities Skylines was updated to version 10.04 today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here are the patch notes and other details that you need to know about this update.

This surprise update dropped today. Aside from adding support for four new DLCs, it also has some minor fixes including collision detection, random crashes, and more. You can find out the complete detail for the new DLCs and the bug fixes included in the patch notes given below.

Cities Skylines Update 10.04 Patch Notes

* Added support for new DLC
* Fixed missing Aurora and stars at night
* Improved collision with below-ground buildings in Explorer Mode
* Fixed a random crash

There are four new DLCs that have been announced today. Get to know more about them below.

The first is Bridges & Piers. “Enhance and elevate your waterfronts with unique assets from community creator Andrés “Armesto”. Bridges & Piers features 12 new bridges, 8 new quay styles and 2 new piers. With styles ranging from simple to ornate, with industrial and classical styles found around the world.”

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The second is Train Stations. “Whether your city would benefit from an elevated or below-ground station, there are new mass transit options to meet your needs, featuring 12 stylish train and metro stations and 4 new transport hubs. Your citizens can now go efficiently where they need to go, in style.”

The third is Rail Hawk Station. “Rail Hawk Radio is your underground station of choice when you are getting ready to start a night of making vivid memories. The vibrant city may be slowing down to go to sleep, but you’re just getting started, jamming along to 16 electronic tracks as you prowl past flickering neon lights in windows while the late train keeps a perfect beat as it speeds past.”

The fourth is Sunny Breeze Station. “Palm trees sway on the city’s waterfront as you soak up the sun while the music plays. The waves call to you as you kick off your shoes to the sounds of summery electronic beats. Sunny Breeze Radio matches that mood perfectly with 16 modern synth tracks. Kick back and let everything align to create the perfect summer day chill.”

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