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Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning Blacksmithing Skill Point Unlocks

Blacksmithing is an important skill in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Here’s everything that you need to know about this skill.

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning lets the player unlock and improve Blacksmithing skills to forge new equipment and use repair kits more efficiently.

Weapons and armor will require a repair once they lose their durability. Weapons and armor provide the same damage/protection regardless of current durability until they break completely so while it is not a big issue in combat, it needs to be kept in check in order to avoid breaking weapons or armor.

If we have to repair equipment at NPCs, it costs gold, and the price increases depending on the condition of the item. Repair Kits can be bought for under 100 gold at various blacksmithies and used to fully repair an item no matter the condition, making them a much better investment. As they are cheap, they are best saved for high-quality items which will require a lot of gold to be repaired by NPCs.

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Blacksmithing Skill Point Unlocks

There are a lot of useful unlocks for Blacksmithing skill. The first unlock leads to the option to find materials on certain animals and thus additional components for weapons or armor can be salvaged. As the level increases, more options become available. At level 3 infrequent items can be salvaged and level 6 unlocks rare items. Unique items (non-dlc) may sometimes be salvaged.

To create an item, a “core” component is needed along with a second component and up to two additional components. At level 7, gems can be infused into equipment during creation (they are not removable once used). Once all the components are selected, the overall quality of the item and its damage/armor will be calculated based on the components and gems used. Item requirements are calculated once the crafting is finished.

1You can now harvest components from some enemies in the world.
2You can create an item with three components, giving it a slight bonus.
3You can salvage infrequent equipment.
4You can create an item with four components.
6You can salvage rare equipment.
7You can use gems as components when crafting equipment.
10You can create “mastercrafted” equipment.

Once you hit the last milestone, you will be able to create “mastercrafted’ equipment. Here are the various bonuses that can be unlocked once you hit that milestone.

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Item:Bonus:Tier 1*:Tier 2:Tier 3:Tier 4:Tier 5:
ChestPhysical Resist+5%+8%+10%+12%+16%
LegsBleeding Resistance+5%+8%+10%+12%+16%
ShieldBlock Efficiency+5%+8%+10%+12%+16%

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