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Fall Guys Gets Gato Roboto Costume, Here’s How To Unlock It

Fall Guys has received a costume based on Gato Roboto adding another collaboration to the widely successful game. Here’s how you can unlock it.

In Fall Guys, players can unlock crowns by becoming the sole winner at the end of the game. This means going through every obstacle course that the game throws at the player. It can take a while before a crown is achieved because of the luck-based gameplay. If you can get some of them, it can lead to unlocking more costumes.

How To Unlock Gato Roboto Costume In Fall Guys

In order to unlock this latest collaboration costume, you need to act faster and get more than 10 crowns. This is a game of pure luck but also resilience so make sure you don’t give up easily.

After winning 10 crowns, Gato Roboto should be unlocked as a costume in Fall Guys. You can have a look at the costume, courtesy of Wario64.

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