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Immortals Fenyx Rising Best Gear and Where To Find It

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, it is important to use the right gear. Choosing the right gear will not only protect you from damage but it will also help you make your attacks more powerful. In this guide, we will tell you about the best helmet and armor in the game that you can use early in the game, and in the end, we will tell you what is the best gear to use in Immortal Fenyx.

Best Gear in Immortals Fenyx Rising

The Functions of armor and helmet are the same in Immortal Fenyx Rising. Both of them are used to give you some extra defense. You will find different pieces of gear through the golden isle, and each piece will have different unique effects. You will be able to get one of these effects from the start whenever it is equipped, but the remaining effects will be unlocked when you upgrade your gear up to level 4.

The best early armor and helmet will help you until the end of the game, So let’s take a look at it.

Best Early Armor and Helmet

You can get some of the very best armor before you finish the prologue in Immortal Fenyx Rising. But the one that is my favorite can be found a little bit further in the game.

Here are the best early Armor and Helmet in Immortals Fenyx Rising:



  • Valor of the Soldier breastplate
  • Level 1: Increased Max Stamina
  • Level 4: Stamina is consumed more slowly



  • Stoneglare Mask
  • Level 1: Bonus damage for 6 seconds when stunning an enemy
  • Level 4: Refills stamina when stunning an enemy

Your stamina will be increased from the start with the Valor of the Soldier breastplate, and it comes in very handy at any stage of the game. Your traversal and combat skills are also improved by it at the same time, and it helps you to use your most powerful attacks.

The stoneglare mask is good for those players who like to do heavy attacks and Godly powers, it will do great damage to your enemy whenever you hit them, and refills your stamina when you stun.

Where to find the best early Armor and Helmet:

The valor of the soldier breastplate can be found at Clashing Rocks inside the chest on the top of the Observatory. This is the place where you can glide to the main island.

Stoneglare Mask can be found in the bottom-left-bulge of the Grove of Kleos. It will be inside the chest which is located on the south of Athena’s Sanctuary- the rectangular building with a blue outline on the West coast.

Best late-game Armor and Helmet

It is the best gear you will have in the game if you have got more hours of Immortals Fenyx Rising under your belt. So let’s take a look at it.

Here is the best Gear in Immortals Fenyx Rising:



  • Plate of the Ethereal Automation
  • Level 1: Bonus Defence
  • Level 4: Inflicts damage to attacking enemies.



  • Helmet of Bright Divinity
  • Level 1: Bonus damage with Godly Powers
  • Level 2: Bonus stun with Godly Powers.

The strength of your godly powers is increased by the Helmet of Bright Divinity and it is one of the best helmets in the game. Plate of the Ethereal Automation is the best armor in the game because this armor has more defense effect as compared to other armors, and it does backlash damage to the enemies that attacks you. It has both offensive as well as defensive capabilities.

Where to Find the best Armor and Helmet:

You can get the Plate of the Ethereal Automation by completing the Forged Friendship quest. After you return Hephaistos to his true form, talk to him to get this quest. You will have to kill two cyclopes, Steropes of Lightning and Brontes the Bright to complete this quest.

You can get the Helmet of Bright Divinity by completing the Legendary or Bust quest, In the quest, you will have to kill all four Wraiths in their Lairs. After killing them all the vault under the statue in the Grove of Kleos will be unlocked and then you can get the Helmet and its associated armor.

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