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Hitman 3: How To Acquire Admin Privileges and Get Server Room Keycard

In Hitman 3’s Dubai mission, you will have to go inside the server room to get your targets alone in a room by rearranging their meetings. In this guide, we will tell you how to acquire admin privileges during the How The Mighty Fall mission.

How To Acquire Admin Privileges In Hitman 3

First, you will have to complete the quest to that point to acquire admin privileges and advance in the mission. After you get into the server room area,  Grey will tell you that he has no idea about what’s going on and he will ask you to pull out one of the server racks. Pull one server randomly, because it doesn’t matter which one you pull because he will tell you to hide it as soon as you pull it.

How To Get Server Room Keycard

To get into the server room admin system you will have to grab a keycard. Here’s How can you get it:

First, you will have to exit the server room through the door facing the balcony, and then walk past the worker, be careful don’t let her spot you because if you let her spot you she will recognize you. There will be a maintenance worker just past her looking out the balcony, he will have the key. Smash his head and throw him into the locker, and then pick up the keycard.

After scanning the keycard many people get stuck. Take a look at all the four server racks you can pull. There will be yellow text above one of them, and there will be green text above the other ones. Pull the one with yellow text. After pulling out the unique server rack edit go to the terminal in the middle of the room to edit the meeting times. You can also disable security cameras, open up elevator shafts and dump gold bars in the atrium here.

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