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Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business Challenge and Where To Place Banana

In Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business, you will have to figure out where to place the banana to complete the challenge and to get keep your eyes peeled trophy. If you want to get the “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” achievement and Flying Monkey Business you will have to hop through several metaphorical flaming hoops. In this guide, we will tell you where to place the banana in Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business.

Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business Challenge

You will have to place the banana at a specific spot at one of the evacuation exits to complete Hitman 3 Flying Monkey Business. Here we will tell you the exact spot where you need to place it but there’s a lot to do at first. Normally start the mission in the Atrium. Go up to the stairs and then turn right. You will see a wide staircase on your right walk past that the one flanked by two guards in white, on your right side there will be a corridor just after the stairs, go into the corridor. Grab the uniform of one of the guards in white by defeating him. Then go back to the wide staircase and go up to the stairs and go to the balcony. On your left side is the security room, go inside the room and pick up the banana from the desk, and then open the safe on the left by entering the code (6927) and take the evacuation keycard.

After that go back and up the blue stairs next to the security plaque on your right. There will be two guards on your left that will try to stop you. Kill them quietly and take uniform from one of them. Go up the stairs on their left and then go forward. There will another flight of stairs, go up the stairs, and then follow the path into the penthouse area. Now you will have to use the keycard on two card readers. One card reader is next to the parachutes on the lower level, and the second one on the wall just up the stairs from the parachutes.

Exit the penthouse through the doorway you entered and follow the path on your left and go down. Exit through the door, and eliminate the window cleaner on the left, hide the body. Then to the right of the parachutes put the banana down. If one of your targets will slip and fall on the banana the Flying Monkey Business in Hitman 3 will be completed and you will get Keep your Eyes peeled trophy.

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