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Hitman 3 End of an Era Mission and How To Complete All Assassination Challenges

In Hitman 3 the stunning cityscape of Chongqing offers the backdrop for the fourth level. It’s the place where you will have to kill two targets to complete the “End of an Era” mission. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Hitman 3 End of An Era Mission Walkthrough

Hush and Imogen Royce are the two targets in the “End of an Era” mission and there’s also an extra objective in which you will have to hack the ICA facility’s core. You will only have to hack it if you are doing this level for the first time. For subsequent runs, it is optional you can easily escape after killing both targets.

Here I have combined mission stories and challenges that you can complete along the way.

Mission Story

Assassination Challenges

Discover Challenges

Feats Challenges



Target: Hush

Stick It To The Man



Versatile Assassin: Hold My Hair – Hush seems to be the only one who can be drowned.

Shortcut: Block Ladder

Last Resort The Beat

Block Buster


The Show Must Go On

Think! Tank!

Lei Me To Sleep

Ease of Pain



Target: Imogen Royce

Cooling Down

A Shock to the System

Venting Some Stress

Medium Rare

Shortcut: Inner Courtyard

Dumplings Cook

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Hack The Planet

Quite A Hatch

Super Special Door

A Hair in My Soup

Human Error

Killing The Past

All Seeing Eyes

Targets: Both

This guide is also intended for Silent Assassin Suit only (SASO) and Sniper Assassin runs

Bullet Points

Big Bada Boom

The Beat

Big Sister


There are a couple of miscellaneous challenges that are a little out of the way when you are trying to do the mission stories in “End of an Era”.

“Shortcut: Facility Elevator Shaft”

This is not a shortcut to the ICA facility, this is likely the inner Courtyard shortcut.

You will have to turn around from the Riverside Walkway starting location to find a well-guarded courtyard and then run to the back past the guard to unlock the shortcut.

“Down the Rabbit Hole”

After finishing your objectives, you can use the manhole to escape. The manhole is behind the arcade at the northern alleyway.

You will need a crowbar to open the manhole. You will able to find one while doing Impulse Control.

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