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Hitman 3 Case File: How To Access Alexa Carlisle’s Office Safe Code

In this guide, we will tell you how you can find the safe code in Alexa Carlisle’s office so you can retrieve the case file and complete the Mission. There are many ways for you to get inside the office of Alexa Carlisle. We will tell you a path through which you can go up to the office without being seen and without using any disguise.

How To Get Hitman 3 Case File

Enter the gate, duck into bushes on the right and then go towards the manor by following the main path. Cut to the left, and you will have to pass behind the gardener and then move along the wall until you reach the place where you will find a mansion guard and a gardener chatting. You will be out of sight because you will be crouching in a bush. Climb up the wall on your right and then take a left and go for the front of the nearest vehicle.

You will have to wait for the staff to finish chatting, and they will both turn around. Go around the back of the cars to hedges on the far side.  Turn left behind the edge and then drop down into the bushes there. There will two guards patrolling the path you will have to follow along behind them to your left. Follow the path to the next staircase and then make sure that the guard is not looking at you. Gp up the stairs and then turn left.

Move between the cars and then climb up the green pipe. Follow the ledge to the right at the top to the next pipe. Climb the pipe and then move towards the open window. Enter the window and you will be inside Thornbridge Manor on Level 2.

There are five guards that you have to dispose of before entering Alexa Carlisle’s office.

How To Access Alexa Carlisle’s Office Safe Code

Go to the desk on the west side of the room. Find a button on the arm of Alexa’s chair by using your instinct. Press the button and turn left. A dog’s painting will slide away and the safe will be revealed.

Interact with the safe to get a good look at the symbols above it: a clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose. You will find these items in the room.


You will find the clock under the stairs on the south side of the room. There’s a 1 right in front of the clock.


Go up the stairs and you will find the telescope. You will see 9 on the wall next to it


Go back downstairs and walk up to the fireplace. On the back of the wall inside you will see 7.


You will see the moose head above the door you entered through. To find the number you will have to do some maneuvering but there’s a 5 on the wall above it.


Open the safe by using these numbers in order – 1975 – to find the case file.

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