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Hitman 3 Apex Predator Safe Code: How To Unlock Berlin Safe

Apex Predator is a mission in Berlin for Hitman 3. During this mission, you will need to unlock a safe code. Here’s how you can get it.

This safe code is a cipher that you need to enter in order to enter Hirschmuller’s office. The difficulty with this mission is that it is easy to miss since this safe code is only heard through a dialogue. Once you have heard the dialogue and figured out the code, you will need to locate the keypad for the safe to unlock it.

Hitman 3 Apex Predator Safe Code Location

In order to find this safe code in Hitman 3, you need to obtain a Tech uniform. These can be found in the level and are easy to spot because of the TECH written on them. Afterward, make your way to the club and go downstairs that show lighting bolts above them. Once inside, go through a door that has “Tech Only” written on it. Head to your left and go through the double doors that have exit written on them.

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Once you get in there, you can locate two other TECH staff hanging out together. If you listen to their conversation, they talk about the Berlin keypad code as the “year the wall went down.” This obviously refers to the fall of the Soviet Union and the Wall of Berlin. You need to enter 1989 for the Berlin safe code.

Berlin Safe Keypad Location

Once you have noted the keypad code, turn right near the two TECH staff. You can find two bikers who will try to stop you so be ready to take them out. Once you are done, head right and into the room with two guards. Get the club keyboard from the shelves and immediately head left of the door.

Get back to the place where you defeated the bikers and use the keycard to open the restricted double doors. You will get into Hirschmuller’s office. Sneak inside to the left and towards the shelves next to the cabinet. You can find the Apex Predator safe code in Hitman 3 from this location. Input 1989 as the code to unlock it. The rewards that you get inside are a gold idol, which you can use as a blunt weapon, and a big ole brick of coke.

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