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FIFA 21: All Season 3 Week 5 Objectives and How To Complete Them

One of the biggest promo events “Team of the Year” in Fifa 21 is going on. Now every player that makes up the squad is in packs, so to make a good start towards level 30 you will want to get as many as possible. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need about how to complete all Season 3 Week 5 objectives in FIFA 21.

Just like all the previous seasons, you will have to complete the week’s challenges in two weeks. You have only got two weeks left of Season 2, so there’s plenty of time for you to hit level 30, but it’s good to reach it as soon as possible, so that’s you can remain relaxed in the last few days.

To find the challenges you will have to go to the objectives tab of Ultimate Team. Scroll over to the objectives part there, and you will find the weekly objectives near the top of the list. First of all, you will have to complete all the Week 5 Bronze objectives, then silver and then gold.

How to Complete All FIFA 21 Season 3 Week 5 Objectives

Here you will find all the objectives, broken down into each set:

Bronze Objectives

  • Play 3 – 473 XP – Play 3 matches in any FUT game mode.
  • Fine Touch – 551 XP – Score 2 Finesse Goals in any FUT game mode.
  • Double Assistance – 394 XP – Assist a goal in two separate matches in any FUT game mode.
  • Contract Talks – 158 XP – Apply a Contract Item to any player.

Group Reward: 175 XP.

Season 3 Week 5 – Silver Objectives

Group Reward: 425 XP

GOLD Objectives

Group Reward: 642 XP.

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