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Hitman 3: All Death In The Family Room Clues and Who Killed Zachary

In Hitman 3 there are more than 18 clues, several interviews, and three suspects, and there is much in Dartmoor that Agent 47 must solve. Death in the Family is a mission that makes players a true detective. There are three suspects and only one of them is the murderer of Zachary.

You must take in all the evidence before accusing anyone of the murder because it will affect what Agent 47 is rewarded with and he will not get the correct answer to the mystery if he accuses the wrong person.

What Are The Clues From Zachary’s Room In Hitman 3

After talking with the Butler, he will take you to Zachary’s room. Start with the source of the death. Zachary’s body will be lying within his bed and there will be plenty of clues lying inside the room.

  • THE SUICIDE NOTE-  You can find a suicide note on the table beside the fireplace.
  • ZACHARY’s LAPTOP-  There’s a laptop on the desk, across the table from the table with a suicide note. After opening the laptop Agent 47 can tell that last night Zachary was shopping for new Wellington boots.
  • ZACHARY – Zachary’s body will be lying within his old bed in the center of the room. Agent 47 can scan the body by using his camera. This is how he will come to know that the man was poisoned.
  • THE POISONED WHISKEY – There is an open bottle of whiskey on Zachary’s bedside table with some of its contents spilled across the table. Agent 47 can use his camera to scan it.

Go towards the bookshelf and open up a secret passageway by pulling one of the books through Agent 47 Assassin Vision.

  • FLOORPLANS OF THE CARLISLE MANSION – There is a copy of the floorplans for the mansion in the secret passage that will show you how someone would have found their way in and out of this locked bedroom.

These clues will tell you that the key suspects for murder are from within the home. So only the family members and Mr. Fernsby the butler would have been home. Agent 47 will get a list of suspects which includes, Zachary, Gregory, Edward, Rebecca, Emma, Patrick, and Mr.Fernsby. There are clues in many places in the mansion but the important clues are in Emma and Greggory’s room, Rebecca’s Room, the Greenhouse, and Mr. Fernsby’s Office.

All The Clues From Different Carlise’s Rooms

It is best to start looking at all the family members. Emma, Gregory, and Rebecca are the main important ones. Players can also ask each member for an excuse for the previous night. The Security outside will be talking about Rebecca asking a lot of questions so it’s better to start with her room.

What Are The Clues From Rebecca’s Room

  • Rebecca’s Laptop – Rebecca’s laptop is on the table in the center of the room. Check the laptop to know what she was doing between nine and midnight the previous night.
  • Rebecca’s Note – In front of the fireplace, is an ottoman. Agent 47 can scan the pile of books. Within them is a note from Rebecca.

What Are The Clues From Emma and Gregory’s Room In Hitman 3

  • Emma Muddy Heals – Agent 47 can scan Emma’s heels, in the far right corner of the room, next to the dresser.
  • A Letter from Emma’s Mother- There is a letter from Emma’s mother under the magazine on the bedside table, in the letter it is written that Emma is the illegitimate child of Montgomery Carlisle, the Older brother of Madam Alexa who died 46 years ago. Her mother also claims that she witnessed Alexa and Zachary murdered Montgomery.
  • A Bulldog Cane – This cane is lying against the nightstand between the door’s room and the fireplace.
  • The Greenhouse Key – Players can find this key on the floor next to the luggage in front of the fireplace using Assassin Vission

All Clues From Greenhouse and Mr. Fernsby’s Office

Agent 47 is sure that someone poisoned Zachary with some sort of short plant, so the players may head towards the greenhouse first. Or players may head towards Mr. Fernsby’s office because he doesn’t have an alibi for last night. There are clues in both places that will help Agent 47 to solve the case.


  • Broken Lab Equipment – Players will have to break into the Greenhouse, after breaking into the Greenhouse Go to the right to find the broken lab equipment. Players can take plant samples to see what it had been used for recently and fix up the thing.
  • Poison Chart – To discover the poison chart you will have to scan a book to the right of lab equipment. There is a table in the chart that shows that how much poison you need to create a lethal dose. Within the book, you will see that something specific is marked. “Female, age 65-69, 60-64 Kg.” It shows that Madam Alexa Carlisle is next in line.


  • Pain Killers – Agent 47 can find a bottle of pain killers resting on the windowsill, these pills can be lethal but they aren’t the type of poison used to kill Zachary.
  • Thornbridge Manor Keys – There are a set of Master keys on the shelving to the left of the desk, the players can use it to pin the murder on Mr.Fernsby if they want.
  • Zachary’s Burnt Diary Page – Agent 47 can find a half-burnt diary page within the fireplace, in that page it is written that how he and Madam Alexa collaborated in the previous murder of Montgomery. It also shows that how Mr. Fernsby covered it up for them and it also confirms that the suicide note is fake because the handwriting is not the same.
  • Mr. Fernsby’s List – There is a list for something near the center of the desk.

Who Killed Zachary In Hitman 3

All of these clues implicates that Emma Carlisle is the true killer. However, players can blame her, Mr. Fernsby, or even Zachary himself. Madam Alexa will have different responses depending on the answer of Agent 47. If you will give Madam Alexa the correct answer she will give you the file. If you accuse Mr. Fernsby she will only give you some money, and if you say it was Zachary you will get nothing and Madam Alexa will jump off of her balcony.

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