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Genshin Impact Loach Pearls Farming After Update 1.2

Genshin Impact update 1.2 is out now adding new content. In this guide, we will tell you how you can farm to get  Loach Pearls.

We will get these Loach pearls from a specific creature called Golden Loach. They don’t spawn in large numbers, so it’s good to farm them every day.

There will be massive changes to the game mechanics that we will see in the latest release of Genshin Impact version 1.2, specifically in the new area called Dragonspine. Subzero climate is one of the mechanics that we will see in this latest version of Genshin Impact.

Subzero Climate:

In Subzero Climate the characters will continuously accumulate Sheer Cold. The characters will start losing HP when Sheer Cold reaches its limit. The Sheer Cold will be diminished by Bonfires, torches, and other sources of heat and Sheer cold accumulation will increase by certain conditions like snowstorms and actions like swimming.

Warming Bottle:

Loach pearl is a crafting material for an item called Warming Bottle. The descriptions of warming bottle are as follow:

  • When you use it, heat will emit for a short period over a small area and the effect of sheer cold will diminish.

In the Dragonspine area, this craftable item will be invaluable.

How to Farm Loach Pearls In Genshin Impact

  • To capture these creatures you will have to be sneaky and fast.
  • They can despawn after a few seconds if you failed to capture them.
  • You should clear the area first so that you can focus farm later.
  • Sometimes it’s better to approach them from above.


  • Use fast-moving characters like Zhongli, Diluc ( Specifically male and taller in height)
  • Use Elemental Sight.
  • Movement Speed buff of Diona
  • Anemo Resonance for increased Movement Speed.


The location of the loach pearl farming map can be seen below, courtesy of reddit.

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