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Genshin Impact Dragonspine Secret Door and Boxes: How To Find All Three Boxes

Genshin Impact’s Dragonspine region has a lot of stuff for you to discover. Starglow Cavern’s secret door is one of those things. To open this secret door you will have to find the Princess Box, Priest’s Box, and Scribe’s Box. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

How to Open Starglow Cavern’s Secret door in Genshin Impact?

In Dragonspine you may have already visited the Starglow Cavern area while unlocking the peak of Vindagnyr domain. To unlock the Starglow Cavern’s secret door you will have to go up. The way to the secret door is through the ledge sticking out off the side while following the sloping path on the top of the cave system. The regular path will take you to a fight against a Ruin Grader.

To unlock the secret door you will need three items: the Princess’s Box, the Priest’s Box, and the scribe’s box.

The locations of all three boxes are listed on the world map above courtesy of the official forums.

Princess’s Box:

To get the princess you will have to complete the challenge in the middle of a small island. To complete the challenge you will have to kill three Abyss Mages (one Cryo, then a Cryo, and a Hydro at the same time.

Priest’s Box:

You will find the Priest’s box on the top of a ruined tower inside the chest.

Scribe’s Box:

To get the Scribe’s box you will have to give three Cecilia flowers to the gravestone near the fast travel point.

Here is the location of the secret door.

To unlock the Starglow Cavern’s secret you will have to take all three boxes and place them in the device. The door will open and you will be inside a small chamber. You will find three spot treasures and one Dragonspine stone tablet inside the chamber and by entering the secret door you will also unlock Genshin Impact’s achievement.

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