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Genshin Impact Stone Tablet In Dragonspine: How To Find All 8 Stone Tablets

There are many secrets in Dragonspine just like the other regions of Genshin Impact. Rune locked door is one of those secrets in Dragonspine and to open it you will have to find eight different stone tablets. These stones tablets are scattered across the map, you can find some of them during difficult quest portions and some of them can be found easily in the open world. In the map below we have marked all the eight locations of the stone tablets and also provided a detailed description of the locations.

Genshin Impact Stone Tablet Dragonspine Location

The world map above lists all the 8 Genshin Impact Stone Tablet that are available in the new area Dragonspine. The world map is courtesy of reddit.

  • The first stone is on a mound of Earth, just move to the west of the snow-covered path and you will find it there.
  • The second stone is protected by a large enemy, to find it just go to the side of the footpath.
  • The third stone can be found during the quest thaw the shards. You will have to break through a sheet of ice to get it from underground.
  • The fourth stone can be found easily, to find it just go to the location marked on the map. You will have to melt the ice by getting warming Seelies to their pedestals and then smash the ice on the left of the ramp by using red crystal buff and go down to get the tablet.
  • The fifth stone is a little bit difficult to get. To get this stone you will have to spawn at the starglow cavern teleporter and then go across the mountain.
  • To get the sixth stone you will have to spawn at the statue of seven and then go around the mountain. You will have to make one or two awkward jumps to get to a locked door that can only be opened with three golden keys. Open the door and you will find the sixth stone inside.
  • The seventh Stone can be found outside the rune locked door.
  • Eighth stone can only be found until you get access to the Domain. You will find it outside the Domain door.
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