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Fortnite: Where Are Nutcracker Statues and All Nutcracker Locations

Snowdown event is finally here in Fortnite Season 5 and now the part of the map is covered in pillowy white. Snowdown is a holiday event. There’s a new batch of challenges for players to complete, some new weapons, new skins, and plenty of new limited-time modes in this event.

Destroying nutcracker statues is one of the most difficult challenges of Snowdown. In this guide, we will tell you the locations of the nutcracker. Snowdown will last for a little while only so make sure you get on this event before it ends.

All Nutcracker Statues Locations In Fortnite

Nutcrackers can be found in two main locations, you will have to get all five nutcrackers to complete this quest and it may take 2 matches to get them all.

In the Retail row, three nutcracker statues will be in the large building at the east end of town. To find them go inside the building, one nutcracker statue will be peering out of the window and the other two nutcracker statues will be with spitting distance of him. One will be facing the cash register and the other will be parked in the corner of the back hallway.

In Holly Hedges, You will find two nutcracker statues standing in front of the garage doors of a house in the northeast corner.

You can destroy the same nutcracker statues in different matches, so you don’t have to come across the map to complete this challenge in one go.

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