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Fortnite: What Does Outlast Opponent Mean and How To Do It

In the outlast opponent challenge in Fortnite you will have to survive longer than other players. There will be 100 players in a game, and you will have to be the last one alive to win the game. If the players are eliminated and you are still alive it means you have outlasted them.

What Does Outlast Opponent Mean In Fortnite?

There are many ways to attempt this challenge and we will talk about them here. If you want to complete this challenge quickly you will have to camp.

Look for a building that’s in a circle and hide under the stairs or any other safe place and wait for the number of players to drop. The other way is to grab a car or a helicopter and roam around the map until the number of players drops. The best way to complete this challenge and outlast 100 opponents in Fortnite is to grab a helicopter when you land and just keep flying around the map and move in when you need to.

You just have to remain agile and be as fast as possible in order to complete the outlast opponent challenge in Fortnite.

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