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Nintendo Switch Prototype Leak Reveals Early Design and Cut Features Like 3DS Compatibility

Nintendo has been the subject of many leaks this year. As the year is ending, another leak can be added to the pile, but this one is more recent.

Early this year, data from the Nintendo 64 to Gamecube and even more information was leaked through a dump from Nintendo’s archives. Users even gained access to the complete source code for Super Mario 64 which was ported to PC. Canceled games or early prototypes were also discovered as part of these leaks.

The new leak that has uncovered this week appears to showcase many interesting new details including plans of Nintendo during the early development of the Nintendo Switch. Twitter users orcastraw and forestillusion shared some of the interesting findings on their account and we have made a summary of some of the important details.

  • Nintendo decided the name of the console back in 2014
  • The early prototype matched the patent and a fake leaked prototype that was 3D-printed by someone
  • They wanted it to support 3D Video and have backward compatibility with Nintendo 3DS (possible successor)
  • There would be two screens but there was no final decision taken for it
  • StreetPass, SpotPass, and Pedometer features could return from the Nintendo 3DS
  • Max resolution of the screen was 480p
  • The concept was not regarding a dock but more like a successor to the Wii U with a display on both the pad and TV
  • Nintendo Switch would be powered by AT and support video capture and a host of features to add in video sharing and uploading online. These could be uploaded to a “Nintendo World” platform
  • There was a datasheet that outlined video and voice “conferencing” while playing a game
  • Dedicated hardware was planned to support 3DS backward compatibility
  • The console would have 1 GB of RAM
  • There would be some motion sensors so the console could resume from Sleep mode with a gesture
  • 480p support was reportedly planned for the video camera
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Nintendo went for a hybrid concept and that appears to have done wonders for them. While they may have to ditch the backward compatibility for 3DS, this bet paid them in spades and now Nintendo Switch has become one of the best selling consoles for the company, and one of the fastest-selling consoles which is closer to the success of the Nintendo Wii.

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