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Fortnite Chapter 2: How To Get All Exotic Weapons In Season 5

There are many new things in Fortnite Season 5 for players to digest, including new map locations, new Mandalorian challenges, and quest giving NPCs. But some of the things remained the same thankfully: including those exotic/mythic weapons that will help you to give crazy amounts of damage to enemies.

Just like the previous seasons of Fortnite, this season also has a number of boss characters that you can visit to get their exotic weapons. But thankfully in this season, you don’t need to fight them to get their exotic weapons, but as a new map has been introduced in this season so it’s a little bit challenging to find them in the first place.

Here we have mentioned the location of every exotic weapon in Fortnite Season 5.

How To Get All Exotic Weapons In Fortnite Season 5

Weapon #1

Mandalorian’s Amban Rifle

Exotic Weapon Location: You will find this weapon in the Razor Crest on the east side of the Zero point desert

Cost: N/A

The Mandalorian is a hostile NPC and to fight him you will have to equip a bit of ammo because he notices players from a great distance.

The Amban Rifle is a sniper rifle with a very interesting scope. You can see the heat signature of your enemy players and spot them easily by using the Amban Rifle. You can also do an electric thrust attack to the enemy closer to you by using the Amban’s alternate fire.

The Mandalorian also gives you an exotic jetpack, which helps you to perform short burst jumps so that you can get over high terrains or obstacles easily.

The Mandalorian can also use an E-11 rifle to fire at you, E-11 rifle is an automatic laser rifle which is used by all stormtroopers, but I haven’t seen anybody picking up this rifle to use, maybe it’s a future weapon update

Weapon #2

Splode’s Boom Sniper Rifle

Exotic Weapon Location: You will find this weapon on the island northeast of the Stealthy stronghold.

Cost: 1,225 gold bars.

You will have to speak to Splode as you would with any other NPC, you will find him hanging out around the large shack.

The Boom sniper riffle is a reskinned heavy sniper rifle, you can do great damage to your enemies who are closer together because it does 10 damage on hit and it explodes shortly and does 60 damage to your enemies.

Weapon #3

The Dub

Exotic Weapon Location: You will find this weapon held by the crash test Dummy either at the location southeast of Stealthy Stronghold or at the junkyard full of crushed cars west of Dirty Docks.

Cost:1,225 gold bars.

The Dub is a double-barrel shotgun and it acts like the flintlock pistol. You will be pushed back when you shoot it, and you will get space to use long-range weapons in order to finish the fight. You can react quickly to the enemies that are trying to sneak up on you.

Weapon #4

Reese’s Shadow Tracker

Exotic Weapon Location: You will find this weapon in the east warehouse at Dirty Docks.

Cost:1,225 gold bars

Shadow tracker is a silenced pistol, you can use this pistol to tag your enemies by hitting them, and then you can track their location for 10 seconds.

Weapon #5

Mancake’s Nighthawk

Exotic Weapon Location: You will find this weapon in the Butter Barn at the south end of the Zero point desert. It will be hanging out inside the building.

Cost: 1,225 gold bars

The Nighthawk is a scoped pistol with a thermal scope. You can do 44 damage to your enemy at about any range.

Weapon #6

Lexa’s Storm Scout Rifle

Exotic Weapon Location: You will find this weapon in the Hunter’s Haven.

Cost: 1,225 gold bars.

Storm Scout Rifle allows you to see where the next storm circle will be.

If you are able to get your hands on gold bars throughout your matches, then it won’t be difficult to acquire exotic weapons.

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