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Fortnite Chapter 2: Master Chief Coming To Season 5

After a record-breaking Marvel event and a recent teaser for God of War Crossover, Fortnite is showing no sign of slowing down this year. According to some reports by leakers, the bubblegum battle royal game may also see a Halo collaboration as well.

Somewhat blurry images are being shared by the data miners and leakers, these images have been taken from a web forum 4chan that appear to show Master Chief in the skin select menu for Fortnite. There are some more images in which a tiny Warthog and a pelican have been shown, these both are vehicles that you can use in Halo.

As we know that Halo Infinite was supposed to be released for the holiday season for Xbox Series X, but now it has been delayed now into 2021. So it will be a good way to maintain interest in the brand by getting a Fortnite cameo for December instead, while Microsoft puts the finishing touches on the upcoming shooter. Right now the Fortnite players will have to settle for putting on the Mandalorian’s signature Beskar armor.

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